Modern Wardrobe Design

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You want to design a functional space, Wear a minimalist style! One of the easiest places to start downsizing your belongings is to organize items like clothes everyday.
You could consider switching to wear a minimalist, functional cabinets, clean and concise Then, how to choose the design of this minimalist wardrobe
Before you PertimbangkanTerkait Wardrobe Minimalist Design
Closets are usually a small room, therefore, minimalist style will help you take advantage of every inch and keep it always neat
The color white is the perfect color for cabinets: expand the space and maximize light to see your clothes to the maximum.
Add lots of light and lamps as well as a large glass wall to save space.
You can add shelves gray or black to give a contrasting color or may retain a white color, your room look more spacious.
Next let us look in the cupboard under the minimalist design.

Modern Wardrobe

1. Minimalist Wardrobe for Small Spaces or Apartment

Hiding clothes storage with a curtain wall is a solution, if you live in the cramped quarters or apartments. The trick with curtains hanging from the ceiling along the walls of your clothes storage.
Measuring just before ordering blinds, long enough to cover the size of the ceiling to the floor. You can make it a little shorter, but not for short. Room set girls

2. Slide Door Design

Use design ideas to separate cabinets with the outside, you use the regular door, in addition to practical, easily opened the closet, do not take up much space. The sliding doors can be used in all rooms of the house if you like.

3. The concept of Multipurpose Minimalist Wardrobe

in the master bedroom, usually located near the entrance. But in this contemporary cabinets, many desired design has a woman is not taken into account.
It concerns a rack for shoes, glass and jewelry, accessory drawers for clothes and a place to hang a dress or long evening dresses. Therefore, you can add all of these features once you become a versatile minimalist wardrobe.

4. Design Minimalist Wardrobe Children

This brilliant idea of ​​this concept is to collect the clothes in a drawer in a row vertically, according to the time of clothes to be worn in a week.
In a drawer, in addition to clothing, you can add special items can bring children on that day. These items include, dance shoes or uniforms for sports.

5. Cabinet minimalist for Kids

Open closet not only looks adorable in a child's room, but also makes the room look neater. Cupboard-shaped open shelves, making kids easily reach their own clothing and also return to the starting position. No need to open a drawer or a closet door.
6. Concepts Wardrobe Minimalist Style Gallery
Change your wardrobe to be like a gallery. With neat architectural features dramatic light, in the locker room can be a public space in your home. Use hidden hangers, and a row of drawers to create a different look.

Modern Wardrobe

7. The Hidden Wardrobe

The idea to hide your wardrobe in the room behind the bookcase, of course, very inspiring. In addition to unique, this design will make your room look more spacious without a large closet in the middle of the room or your bedroom.

8. The Hidden Wardrobe Backyard Produce

Hiding doors leading to the rear of the house, where clothes are stored neatly, with bookshelves containing a cookbook or book your collection ,. This design is truly unique and rarely come to mind.
If you want a more spacious and tidy, and all the clothing collections together in one place hidden behind the house, and did not fall apart, this design is the right choice.

9. Minimalist Wardrobe Horizontal

During this usually always vertical cabinets, in the form of racks arranged from top to bottom. However, you can try something different to using horizontal rack design. In addition to a more unique appearance, it also gives the impression of your room and can seat more pakaian.ternyata many new ideas are unique,

Modern Wardrobe Design

It was a little insight about the design minimalist wardrobe may bermanfaa, thank you for visiting us


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