"Minimalist Living room decorating tips"

Greetings my friends this time I will share some of the experiences I've ever done, I hope this experience can menginpirasi your living room design does not mean that such rooms should always be spacious, comfortable, and enjoyable. With a few tips and tricks in the selection of furnishings and arrangement of space, narrow living room can also be fun and look more spacious. So how to get a sense of comfort in the cramped living room, Find out how to design the room we wanted,

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1. Use as needed furnishings

Prabot proper use can affect space, so it does not look mlompong, we often feel jealous of the living room in another house could have a lot of furniture in it and want to implement it in our homes. Although the house we have a narrow room conditions and different, especially when cramped living room at home. For decorating a room like this, you just have to use the furniture and furnishings are important. As much as possible just to put a set of minimalist sofa in the room. Put the sofa near the wall so there will be plenty of room. so the room we would feel more longar not rigid,
Living room decorating tips

2. Accessories

Interior options supports the look of the room, such as a table with a unique design appropriate then it was very influential, can also be enhanced by the use of accessories. But maybe selected accessories will not disturb the view and does not take up much space. Accessory example is a painting or decorative lighting. Painting options should be an abstract painting or painting with patterns of geometric patterns. If you want to use a decorative lamp, put the lamp beside the sofa so it can also be a torch if anyone reading spot. But to be sure, accessories used only one or two that did not make the room feel more and crowded. Tip minimalist decor Living Room


Features a living room requires you to try to create the impression of the interior of the living room in your home. Choose soft colors or bright colors to create visual effects that wider in your living room, bright colors do not have to always use the color white. You can use yellow, light green, cream, or other colors. Make sure the color combinations used for the living room is not too much so it did not seem crowded. This article will provide even more fresh ideas to you about the design and decoration of the narrow living room, the living room is the key of the house, before seeing the inside of either your own or your living space that must be considered is the living room,Minimalist Living room decorating tips

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